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Herbal tea

that you can DRINK & SMOKE

Absolute Tobacco alternative.

Herbs can be rolled for a mellow smoke or boiled for a fresh cup of tea. 

Chimp x Herbs


The Chimp Idea

No tobacco & nicotine

Mindful combination that 

relaxes from stress & anxiety

Made by spiritually inclined

Roll it in a smoking paper for a mellow smoke

Boil it for a fresh cup of tea

Chimp Manifesto

We are all Chimps.

A bunch of evolved chimps trying to have human experiences. Being here and now is the best part about this experience. But, there’s more to this than just the lives we lead.


That’s why we’ve mindfully put together a set of divine herbs that keep you aware of this universe. How you define your experience is up to you. 



Rose Petals


Kills nasal infections, 

fights migraine & 

improves lung health

Enhances mood with it's 

wonderful flavour

Relaces the nervous system and improves the blood circulation


Lemon Grass


Improves sleep quality, digestive

health & controls blood sugar levels

Antioxidants that promotes digestion

and regulates cholestrol levels

Relaxes mind and body,

may cause vivid dreams

Our lovely Chimps

photo_2020-12-31 12.36.20.jpeg

Roma, Bangalore

photo_2020-12-31 12.36.19.jpeg

Akarsh, Mysore

photo_2020-12-31 12.36.18.jpeg

Arwa, Mumbai

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